Although at first, this build may seem rather strange, it works surprisingly well (until Belial that is.)
The BARE MINIMUM requirements:

I would certainly recommend building in atleast around 1k of life regen (per second) and 1.2k to be reasonably safe (or as safe as is possible in Inferno Act2.

Minimum resists on ALL categories i’d recommend 400, (600+ prefered, again for sustainability)

I managed with ~20k dps and 34k hp. HOWEVER I can suggest ~24k hp and 25k+ dps for maximum efficiency with this build.

So, you ask, ‘why this build?’

Well, Hydra and arcane orb are your main sources of damage output / follower (I used templar) is good for just a distraction and helping to heal in precarious circumstances.

Teleport and mirror image are the real ace in the hole in this build, as if you suffer 15% of your life damage – illusionist replenishes the cooldown on teleport and mirror image.

Note the rune on mirror image, this is VERY good if you have a high dps weapon, although even with a ~650dps weapon, it is effective nonetheless.


This is perhaps THE BEST kiting/sustainable build that I have found/modified for Wizards in act2 Inferno.

Just keep popping venom hydra for damage output and ensure energy armour is active along with the familiar (if used, see below.)

(note* slow time is optional, magic missile with ‘seeker’ rune is a good alternative or the familiar w/arcanot rune.)

Feedback appreciated and a share or two is welcomed. ^.^

Thanks, and goodluck!


BEST* – at time of press w/above stats implemented.